Office of Best Practice Regulation

The Office of Best Practice Regulation (OBPR) administers the Government’s regulatory impact analysis requirements. The OBPR has a number of roles including: assisting agencies in preparing regulation impact statements through training and guidance; monitoring and reporting on the Government’s regulatory impact analysis requirements; and administering the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) guidelines for regulation-making by national bodies.

Australia’s regulatory impact analysis requirements aim to assist the Government in keeping the Australian economy as efficient, flexible and responsive as possible. Good policy making processes can ensure that public policy achieves a desired objective in a cost-effective manner. By providing an evidence base for regulatory decision making, the best practice regulation process seeks to deliver regulation where it provides greatest benefits to the community, and to reduce opportunities to introduce it where it would not.

The OBPR hosts a website Best Practice Regulation Updates. The OBPR publishes information on this website about regulatory decisions announced by the Australian Government, and by COAG and COAG Councils, including Regulation Impact Statements (RISs), the OBPR’s RIS assessments, instances of non‑compliance, when a Prime Minister’s exemption has been granted and Post-implementation Reviews. Regulatory matters are posted on Best Practice Regulation Updates as soon as practicable following public announcement of a regulatory decision.

The Best Practice Regulation Handbook provides guidance, including examples, to departments and agencies to assist Australian Government departments and agencies in the preparation of RISs.

The Best Practice Regulation: A Guide for Ministerial Councils and National Standard Setting Bodies provides information on the regulatory impact analysis requirements applying to proposals for national regulation to be considered by COAG, COAG Councils or inter-governmental standard-setting bodies.

Last Updated: 7 November 2013