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Counter-Terrorism White Paper

Counter-Terrorism White Paper

Counter Terrorism

This year PM&C assisted with the delivery of the Counter-Terrorism White Paper Securing Australia - Protecting our Community.

In December 2008, the Prime Minister announced through the inaugural National Security Statement that a Counter-Terrorism White Paper would be delivered as part of the Government's national security reform agenda.

The Border Protection and Law Enforcement Branch in the Homeland and Border Security Division was responsible for the delivery of the White Paper, and worked closely with other government agencies.

The Counter-Terrorism White Paper is the principal vehicle for explaining to the Australian public (from private citizens to corporate entities), and our international partners and neighbours, the Government's response to terrorism. The White Paper sets out the Government's key counter-terrorism priorities:

  • increased coordination across government agencies with the establishment of a Counter-Terrorism Control Centre
  • targeted investment in proven, new counter-terrorism techniques, including biometric screening measures for select offshore visa applications
  • a strengthened approach to aviation security, throughout Australia and abroad
  • an inclusive community-wide strategy to counter violent extremism and radicalisation in Australia, and
  • means to ensure counter-terrorism laws fight terrorism yet protect the rights of all Australians.

The Counter-Terrorism White Paper represents a strong, thoughtful and inclusive response to Australia's current and future, domestic and international, security environment.