NSCIO team

NSCIO team

The office of the National Security Chief Information Officer (NSCIO) was formed in April 2009 to improve information sharing among the national security community.

The role of the NSCIO team is to encourage the development of a trusted and integrated national security community by removing policy, cultural and technical barriers to information sharing.

The team develops strategic policy advice on using existing capabilities and expertise of the community to improve information sharing, and has an ongoing responsibility to ensure information is shared responsibly and securely.

In support of the Prime Minister and National Security Adviser, work undertaken by the office includes:

  • working with the national security community towards the achievement of the National Security Information Environment Roadmap: 2020 Vision, a single strategy to realising a secure, coordinated and effective national security information management environment
  • transforming the information sharing culture of the national security community through consistent policies and standards that reduce duplication of effort and leverage of existing capabilities and resources, and
  • coordinating whole-of-government cyber policy.

The NSCIO office is a small team of people from diverse backgrounds, including technical experts and policy officers. Currently there are six permanent staff and a number of secondees from the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the Australian Federal Police and the Australian Crime Commission.

The last year has been groundbreaking for the NSCIO office through the adoption by Government of the National Security Information Environment Roadmap: 2020 Vision (the Roadmap).

Our efforts over the next 12 months will be to ensure that the Roadmap is implemented effectively across the national security community to enhance interoperability and information sharing.