Chapter 9: Management and Accountability

E. Commonwealth Disability Strategy

E. Commonwealth Disability Strategy

PM&C is involved as an employer when considering the roles it plays relative to the Commonwealth Disability Strategy (CDS). PM&C's People, Capability and Performance Branch is responsible for the implementation of the CDS.

PM&C has a number of existing employment policies and procedures that address aspects of the CDS. Through a consultative process, the policies and procedures are continually being refined to establish a baseline from which we may move forward toward full implementation of the CDS.

We have a Disability Strategy that assists people with disabilities to enter the workforce in PM&C. As part of its intranet, PM&C provides advice to employees and managers on how to employ people with disability.

PM&C continues to review its Capability Development Framework. This framework is aimed at providing PM&C employees with the knowledge and skills they need to assist in the delivery of our objectives. Through the delivery of capability development activities, PM&C will provide information to our employees on the CDS and allow managers and teams to collect performance information on how they as teams and as individuals have implemented the CDS.

When playing the role of a policy adviser under the CDS, PM&C provided policy advice to ministers on a range of matters, addressing disability issues where they applied.

As a provider under the meaning of the CDS, PM&C delivered services and information to, and in partnership with government, to people with disabilities.

Late in the 2009-10 financial year, PM&C commenced a comprehensive review of its Diversity Strategy. This review will consider a range of measures that will be applied to the application of the CDS and will utilise consultation undertaken so far as the base level for comparison.