Chapter 2: Departmental Overview

A: The Department

A. The Department.


PM&C's objective is to:

  • provide effective support to the Prime Minister and the Cabinet to promote good governance in Australia
  • be a leading public policy agency in Australia
  • demonstrate excellence in leadership in the Australian Public Service, and
  • be a recognised leader in policy development globally.


Our outcomes are the coordination of government activities; policy development; advice and program delivery to support and inform the Prime Minister, the Cabinet, Cabinet Secretary and Parliamentary Secretaries.

The outcomes were delivered through the following five organisational groups:

  1. Domestic Policy
  2. National Security and International Policy
  3. Strategic Policy and Implementation
  4. Governance
  5. Office of the Coordinator-General.


Our strategic priorities for 2009-10 were to:

  1. support the Government's program of reform through strategic policy advice and coordination and implementation of government policy
  2. support the Prime Minister, Cabinet, Cabinet Secretary and Parliamentary Secretaries in managing government business
  3. support the organisation and its people.