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Output Group 4 - Support Services for Government

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Price of outputs
Administered expenses
Cost of outputs $18.5m

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Group Outputs

Output Group 4
Support services for government operations

Output 4.1
Cabinet Secretariat
Output 4.2
Machinery of Government
Output 4.3
Government Communications
Output 4.4
Support to Official Establishments
Output 4.5
Support for Ministerial Offices
Output 4.6
Ceremonial and Hospitality

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As of 30 June 2003, Output Group 4 comprised six outputs and functionally consisted of:

  • Cabinet Secretariat
  • Government Division
  • People, Resources and Communications Division (which provides outputs 4.3, 4.4 and 4.5)
  • Ceremonial and Hospitality Branch.

Group 4 outputs include the following services:

  • provision of support services for government operations, including coordination of Cabinet and Executive Council business
  • provision of policy advice on parliamentary, machinery of government, legal and cultural issues
  • coordination of government communications
  • administration of the Prime Minister’s official establishments
  • provision of policy advice on, and coordination and promotion of, national awards and symbols
  • administration of the state occasions and official visits programme.

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Administered items

Output Group 4 reports on each administered item as part of the relevant output’s performance report, as follows:

  • 4.2 - National Australia Day Council
          - National Security Campaign
  • 4.3 - Media Commissions Advance Account
  • 4.4 - Prime Minister’s official residences
  • 4.5 - Allowances and support to former Governors-General
  • 4.6 - State occasions and official visits.

Output 4.1 had no administered items on which to report in the 2002-03 financial year.



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