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Output 4.5 - Support for Ministerial Offices

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Output 4.5 Support for Ministerial Offices
Performance indicators
Provision of office services for the Prime Minister’s Office, the other minister’s and the parliamentary secretaries’ offices in the Prime Minister’s portfolio. Quality: The degree of satisfaction of the Prime Minister, the other portfolio minister and parliamentary secretaries, their advisers and office managers with the office services provided.

Cost of outputs - $2.2m

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Qualitative assessment


The department maintains regular contact with the office managers and support staff of the Prime Minister’s Office and the parliamentary secretaries’ offices. This regular contact provides opportunities for staff to receive ongoing feedback about their performance.

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Ministerial support staff indicated that the department had been proactive in delivering services and had provided accurate and timely support.

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Key results

The Prime Minister’s office at 70 Phillip Street, Sydney was refurbished during the period from December 2002 to February 2003. The office is occupied by the Prime Minister and his support staff, the Secretary of the department, the Secretary to Cabinet and Cabinet Secretariat staff. The refurbishment involved replacing carpet, painting, installing a new reception desk and counter, upgrading lighting and electrical systems and replacing some furnishings. These works were the first of any significance in the office since its occupation in 1986. The Prime Minister and his staff indicated that the refurbishment had fully met their objectives and expectations.


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