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External Scrutiny

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External Scrutiny

There were a number of legal actions in 2002-03 affecting the Prime Minister and the department. They are dealt with in this report under Output 4.2, Machinery of Government.

There were no reports or inquiries by the Commonwealth Ombudsman’s Office in 2002-03 dealing directly with any of the department’s responsibilities.

The department participated in the following three ANAO cross-agency audits that were tabled during 2002-03, accepting and implementing the recommendations of the audit reports where relevant.

  • Report No. 23: Physical Security Arrangements in Commonwealth Agencies

The audit evaluated physical security policies of seven Australian Government agencies to determine whether they had established an appropriate physical security framework, based on Part E of the Australian Government’s Protective Security Manual.

  • Report No. 32: The Senate Order for Departmental and Agency Contracts (Spring 2002 Compliance)

As required by the Senate Order of 20 June 2001, the Auditor-General, through a sample of a number of agencies, reviewed compliance with the order.

The ANAO concluded that the department had complied with the requirements of the order. The department had posted its list of contracts valued over $100,000 by the due date.

  • Report No. 52: Absence Management in the Australian Public Service

The objective of the audit was to assess the extent and cost of unscheduled absence in the APS; to examine whether unscheduled absence in the APS was being managed efficiently and effectively; and to identify opportunities for improvement.



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