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Appendix 4 - Consultancy Services and Competitive Tendering and Contracting

Consultancy contracts let during 2000-01 to the value of $10,000 or more

Consultant Nature and purpose of consultancy Contract price Publicly advertised Reason for engaging consultancy services
OUTPUT GROUP 1: Economic, Industry and Resources Policy Group
Economic policy advice and coordination
Blackburne Consultancy Pty Ltd To review and recommend the most effective strategy and operational arrangements for the Commonwealth to deliver inward investment promotion and attraction activities $35,000 No (a)
OUTPUT GROUP 2: Social Policy Group
Women's Policy
Conference Coordinators To organise the Partnerships Against Domestic Violence Men and Relationships: Partnerships in Progress National Forum Up to $20,000 No (a)
Mioche and Associates To provide consultancy services in relation to the evaluation of the Executive Search Pilot Programme and Early Warning System $23,900 No (a)
Gavin Jones Communications and Cultural Partners Australia To develop and implement community awareness activities in relation to family violence in Indigenous communities $300,000 Yes (a)
Elliott and Shanahan Research To provide developmental research to inform the development of a national community awareness campaign on domestic violence $250,000 Yes (a)
One Stop Conference Shop To provide consultancy services in relation to organising the Partnerships Against Domestic Violence National Indigenous Family Violence Forum $55 per delegate, with 350 delegates expected to attend No (a)
Urbis Keys Young Pty Ltd To conduct national research into good-practice models to facilitate access to the civil and criminal justice system by people experiencing domestic and family violence $109,846 Yes (a)
KPMG Consulting To provide training in the use of products to assist people experiencing domestic violence or to assist women with disabilities $39,160 No (a)
Sudler and HennesseyMosaica Multicultural Communications To develop and implement community awareness activities in relation to domestic violence in non-English speaking background communities $500,000 No (a)
Vintrix International To produce a video and streaming video for the Internet from the national forum on children, young people and domestic violence $15,500 No (a)
Dr Lesley Laing (Australian Domestic and Family Violence Clearinghouse) To provide a literature review on perpetrators of domestic violence
$32,109 No (a)
Dr Vincent Martin (Edith Cowan University) To research and analyse data on women living in regional, rural and remote areas and prepare a paper for Women in Australia 2000 $10,494 + expenses No (a)
Quay Connections (Mary Dickie Management T/a) To conduct public relations activities for Partnerships Against Domestic Violence $124,370 No (a)
Cultural Perspectives To evaluate community awareness activities in Indigenous and non-English speaking background communities $160,000 No (a)
Paul Memmott and Associates To provide a mentoring consultancy to the National Indigenous Family Violence Grants Programme $110,000 No (a)
OUTPUT GROUP 4: Government and Corporate Group
4.2 Machinery of Government
Morris Walker PR Works To provide public relations and media support including strategies and media material for the Honouring Local Heroes media campaigns in regional Australia and the travelling exhibition, It's an Honour, Australia ($34,480) and the Centenary Medal centenarian campaign ($32,081) $66,561 No (a)
Spincreative To design and develop aspects of the Honours travelling exhibition, It's an Honour, Australia $27,692 No (a)
Studio Furniture To construct modules for the Honours travelling exhibition, It's an Honour, Australia $39,204 No (a)
Morison and Wall To develop audio-visual and interactive touch-screen components of the Honours travelling exhibition, It's an Honour Australia $75,612 No (a)
Interim Technology Solutions Pty Ltd To develop and implement a database to manage the Centenary Medal (Stage 2) $37,499 No (a)
4.3 Government communications
Razor IT Systems To redevelop the AUSPIC diary system $16,019 No (a)
P3 Pty Ltd To develop benchmarks and implement a process for achieving television production efficiencies for the Commonwealth $43,706 No (a)
P3 Pty Ltd To provide training on evaluating television advertisement production proposals $21,586 No (a)
Swell Design Group Pty Ltd To prepare and design a booklet on the use of research and evaluation in government communications campaigns. To design a new badging concept developed for pamphlets, booklets, brochures and the website $15,030 No (a)
Colmar Brunton Social Research To conduct a client satisfaction survey for clients of the master media placement agencies $47,532 No (a)
4.6 Ceremonial and Hospitality
The Ambidji Group To assist in the tender process for an air transport services broker for the Guest of Government programme $18,045 No (a)
4.7 Commonwealth Heads Of Government Meeting Task Force
Market and Communications Research Pty Ltd To undertake market research for CHOGM 2001 $22,000 No (a)
Brisbane Convention and Entertainment Centre To provide the venue for CHOGM 2001 $924,827 No (a)
Hyatt Regency Coolum To provide the venue for retreat for CHOGM 2001 $479,000 No (a)
QX Pty Ltd To design and build the Brisbane Convention and Entertainment Centre $2,000,000 No (a)
Tour Hosts Pty Ltd To provide the accommodation and registration secretariat $502,000 No (a)
LKS Pty Ltd To design the CHOGM 2001 logo $37,000 No (a)
wwwicked Pty Ltd To design and maintain the CHOGM 2001 website $25,000 No (a)
Sound Images Pty Ltd To produce a CHOGM 2001 information video $15,000 No (a)
Volunteers Queensland To develop a volunteers recruitment programme $30,000 No (a)
Chris Conybeare To conduct the CHOGM 2001 security audit $12,000 No (a)
Arthur Andersen To provide probity audit services $50,000 No (a)
PSI Pty Ltd To review the contracts process $80,000 No (a)
Corporate Support Branch
Arthur Andersen To prepare a business case for e-procurement services $70,000 No (a) & (b)

a. Specialist knowledge and/or resources essential and not available within the department.

b. Selected from Department of Finance and Administration endorsed panel of competitive tendering and contracting consultants.

Competitive tendering and contracting contracts let during 2000-01 in excess of $100,000

Contractor Nature of the activity Total value of contract Period of contract
Corporate Support Branch
Rose Cleaning Departmental cleaning $122,597 1 April 2001 - 31 March 2002

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