Prime Minister and Cabinet (PM&C)

PM&C has unique responsibilities and a privileged role. Our principal function is to provide high‑quality policy advice to the Prime Minister and the Cabinet on matters that are at the forefront of public and government administration, including domestic and international affairs and, in particular, the implications of proposals for Commonwealth-State relations.

The Department briefs the Prime Minister, the Cabinet Secretary, and the Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister, and consults extensively across the Australian Public Service (APS) to ensure that the advice provided draws on the most appropriate sources.

Latest Updates

Gender indicators and evidence

The 8th release of the Australian Bureau of Statistics Gender Indicators is out.

The Gender Indicators presents a summary of gender disaggregated data in six domains: Economic security, Education, Health, Work and family balance, Safety and justice, and Democracy, governance and...

Parliamentary Information

2015 Autumn Sittings of Parliament: Week 3 (02 - 05 March)

Upcoming Events


  • 16 Mar to 19 Mar : Senate and House of Representatives
  • 23 Mar to 26 Mar : Senate and House of Representatives


  • 03 Apr : Good Friday
  • 06 Apr : Easter Monday


  • 12 May to 14 May : Senate and House of Representatives
  • 25 May to 28 May : House of Representatives only


  • 01 Jun to 04 Jun : House of Representatives only
  • 08 Jun : Queen's Birthday

Reform of the Federation White Paper

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Issues papers provide an overview of key issues and, rather than propose new ideas, set out high level areas the White Paper will consider. This issues paper examines the arrangements and institutions underpinning Australia’s Federation, including the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) and financial arrangements between the Commonwealth and the States and Territories. It asks questions to prompt discussion on possible options for reform.

PM&C Careers

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PM&C attracts high calibre individuals who seek to participate in decision making at the heart of the nation.

Australian Honours

The Honours, Symbols and Territories Branch of PM&C provides information on the Australian Honours system and our national symbols.